2020/21 Maize Yield Competition

The Maize Association of Australia once again held the National Maize Yield Competition for the 2021/2022 maize grain season.

The aim of this national competition is to acknowledge the advances in yield performance, and also
enable the knowledge to be shared amongst the wider farming community on what maize yields are
currently being achieved across the country.

19.7 tonne crop takes out 2020/21 Maize Yield competition

A maize crop grown on the property of Rex James Transport of Nathalia, in northern Victoria, has taken out the National Maize Competition for 2020/21

Nick James grew a crop of PioneerĀ® hybrid P0725 which was yield tested at 19.76 tonnes per hectare. The highest yielding crop in 2019 was 20.58 tonnes per hectare. The winning crop was planted on 12 November 2020 and harvested on 22 September 2021. It was grown using a centre pivot with 8.0 megalitres per hectare of water used through the summer. This resulted in a Water Use Efficiency (WUE) of 2.47 tonnes per ML of water.

For more information on the competition, download the below PDF's

Aust Maize crop competition 2022

Aust Maize Crop Competition 2022

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MAA Yield Competition Winner

MAA Yield Competition Winner 2021/22