The Maize Association of Australia is the peak association for the maize industry and is comprised of and represents all the many and varied sectors of the maize industry in Australia. The MAA aims to promote and develop the industry for the benefit of all these sectors.

The executive of the Maize Association of Australia is elected by the Association's members to represent the maize industry and work on its behalf:

  • To identify new opportunities for growers and marketers
  • To respond to issues affecting the industry, e.g. GMO and export standards
  • Liaise with R&D corporations to achieve the best outcomes from growers' R&D levies
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Revised Mycotoxin HACCP Guide for Australian Maize

The Maize Association of Australia recently commissioned the development of protocols for the management of mycotoxins.

The purpose was to enhance the reputation for quality of Australian maize and to better meet the needs of end users.

A summary is as follows.

  1. Determine requirements of end-users, or importers and the importing country.
  2. Identify maize from crops with low risk of aflatoxin / other mycotoxins.
  3. Check that crop is harvested and stored in good conditions.
  4. Specify and monitor transport / shipping conditions.
  5. Oversee protocol for handover of shipment to client

Click here to download the revised mycotoxin HACCP guide

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