Ag Chem Permits

If you would like permits for other Ag Chemicals, download this form and email to the contact on the form.
PER88284 For Control of Wireweed in Maize
Permit 88284
PER81352 For control of Northern Corn Leaf Blight in Maize & Popcorn
Permit 81352
PER81373 For control of Two-spotted Mite on Maize & Popcorn
Permit 81373
PER88259 For control of Two-spotted Mite in Maize & Popcorn
Permit 88259
PER90615 For control of annual grass & broadleaf weeds preharvest
Permit 90615
PER89366 To allow emergency use  for control of Fall Armyworm in Maize
Permit 89366
PER89356 To allow minor use for control of Northern corn leaf blight in maize
Permit 89356
PER90805 To allow minor use of a registered Agvet chemical